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There are stories and songs here to help with the memorization of multiplication facts. We try to move and sing whenever we can to use auditory, kinesthetic, and visual cues for the brain. Our brains store memories better when we use our temporal lobe, our motor cortex, and our occipital lobe together.  Flash cards are another great way to memorize these facts. 
Practice Daily
If you want pre-made 100 problem multiplication practice pages to work on automaticity at home, you can go to the math-drills website.  The goal is to complete the page within five minutes.

Sumdog Practice

Sumdog is a website that offers different gaming opportunities for multiplication (as well as addition/subtraction/division) practice.  You can choose between math skills or tables in one of the setup options and Sumdog will monitor your child's progress with specific math facts.  Ask me if you need help adjusting these settings.


Rules to Remember
X ZERO and X ONE - All students begin by understanding that anything times zero equals zero.  Likewise, anything times one is equal to the number you multiply times one

X TWO - I also emphasize that if you know your doubles addition facts 1 + 1 = 2, 2 + 2 = 4, 3 + 3 =6, etc... then you already know your 2 times table.

X TEN - If you're familiar with School House Rock (TM), you may know My Hero Zero
Anything times 10 is the same as that number with a ZERO slapped on the end.

This is important not just with the 1-12 times tables, but with any number.
For example  9 x 10 = 90   &   745 x 10 = 7,450  & 78,987 x 10 = 789,870
It's one of the most basic, and all important number sense ideas in our mathematical system. 

   Multiplication Songs

Keep in mind that teaching new concepts is best done with hands on manipulatives. 
Please practice our multiplication songs, and make sure your child is using their hands as they sing. 
(All the song lyrics are on a document in the attachment section below.  I'll also be adding mp3's of the songs as time goes on.)

 Times Table     
 3x     3 is a Magic Number
 4x     Row, row, row your boat 
 6x This is how we keep the football  score
 7x  The Slow Sevens
 Pop Goes the Weasel
 9x  This Old Man
 12 x  Bingo was his Name-O

Pegging for Kinesthetic Stories - have your child show you the movements that go with the pegs.  The number pegs are used in the stories illustrated below. 

1 = Sun, 2 = Shoe, 3 = Tree, 4 = Door, 5 = Hive

6 = Chicks, 7 = Surfing', 8 = Skate, 9 = Line, 10 = Men

Here's one example of a story.  My mom didn't have a clothes dryer when I was young, so she went out back and tied a line of rope between two trees.  Which means tree x tree = line, 3 x 3 = 9.  This story is auditory in its telling, kinesthetic with the movements that go along with it, and visual when you see it drawn. 

Multiplying a Single-Digit number times a Multi-Digit Number
When multiplying a single digit number times a multi-digit number, there are several methods to accomplish the same goal. 

Here are a few ways to do this...
Partial Products
Start by breaking the multi-digit number into Expanded Form...

Now Multiply each number times the single digit...
Add the products from each problem...

Check your answer with repeated addition 
(write the multi-digit # as many  times as the problem says, 6x in this case)
Your answers should be the same.  
If not, go back and check to see where you made an error. 

Partial Products 
can be more streamlined once you understand the concept 
as in the example below.

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