SMART Board Resources


These links take you to various internet resources for use on your SMART Board.

Remember that you can hit CTRL and the + button together to increase the size of items and text on your internet browser.  is a website with images that have related word banks associated with them.  Kids/Teachers can drag the words onto the images to create Phoetry (Photography + Poetry).  Perfect for National Poetry Month. 

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives has digital versions of the manipulatives we use to teach the conceptual ideas behind the many strands of mathematics.  Go play to see what's available.

BBC, in association with the British Museum have created A History of the World .  It's an incredible interactive Time line connected to a website
using objects to tell the history of the world. You’ll find 100 objects from the British Museum and hundreds more from museums and people across the UK. Words don't do this justice.  - A Brainstorming interactive Thinking Map generator. 

Flash Jeopardy Review Game - Create a Jeopardy game using your own set of questions.

- is a website you can join for free to create digital flashcards for your students.  For that matter, they can make their own digital flashcards.  There's also an app for the iPhone/iPod you can download called Flashcards + that accesses Quizlet. 

Visuwords - A free online visual dictionary/thesaurus.  This is a great resource for Word Masters, analogies, discussing word choice, or just to add a bit to a vocabulary lesson.  You can even add it to your search bar in Firefox.  The image below is a visuword representation for the word educate.

creates a word cloud with any text you type.  It's a fun way to review vocabulary words, or new concepts. 

Tagxedo - Similar to Wordle, but with a different flair.  Your words become an image of your choosing.  You may need to do this one from home, but you can save your work, and import it into a Notebook file as a jpeg, or a png.     

Literary Genres - This is a website I came across that has PDF posters of many genres.  It's primarily for K-3.  I use it whenever I introduce a new genre, or if we're reviewing genre.


is an online presentation program akin to Power Point, but with a little spin & Zoom.  Literally, a lot of spin.  Check out their tutorial.  Free to Educators.

My internet links page has other websites that could also be used in your classroom.  Keep in mind many, but not all, are for 2nd and 3rd grade standards.

Constructing your own
Notebook Files

Start off realizing that you don't need to reinvent the wheel

There are so many free Notebook files available at the
The files there are search-able by standard & grade level.

The Center School District has SMART NOTEBOOK files available on their website for K - 12 classrooms.

Premade math Graphs for use in the NOTEBOOK software are available for download here.

Harvey's Homepage has MATH NOTEBOOK files available for free, categorized by Mathematical strand.  The files are all highly interactive, and visually interesting for K-3 students.

You can also import any Power Point lesson into Notebook.  Pete's Power Point Station is a place you can begin.  Download one of the Power Point presentations there, import it through the file menu in the Notebook software, and then edit & animate the file to suit your needs. 

If you're planning on creating your own Notebook files, you may want to incorporate some of the following resources.

Your title page can always benefit from some pizazz.  At Flaming Text, you're offered numerous options to bring some visual flair to your titles.  Type in the title, click on create log, right click, copy, go into the Notebook software and right click, then click on paste.  Here's one example

Likewise, you can animate text at TEXTANIM 2.0

Type in the text, then save the animated text as a GIF file on your computer.  Click and drag the file into any NOTEBOOK presentation.

Another way to animate words is with


Signbot will create a repeating scrolling text box with any message you like.  The GIF image it creates can be saved, then dragged into a NOTEBOOK file as part of a SMART Board lesson.

clip art and images in your SMART Board presentations adds a greater level of visual appeal/interest

Clipart Sites
Phillip Martin generously shares his clipart.
Hassle Free Clipart - I particularly like the cartoon category on this site.
DK Books clipart -
Explore thousands of images from DK’s picture library. Perfect for illustrating homework, school projects and generally being creative.
Discovery Education More free clipart.

Image Libraries


This portion of Flickr uses Creative Commons licensing so you, and your students can have a broader range of photos to use in projects without copyright infringement.

Wikimedia Commons
- another Creative Commons site with numerous images to use in lessons.

 Magazine Photo Archive - hosted by Google. 

Pics4Learning - free photos for educational purposes.

Sound effects are also a fun way to give feedback to your students.  Here are some sites with mp3 sound files you can use in the Notebook software.
Soundboard - these sounds are organized by theme.
MP3 Raid - type what sound you're looking for in the search bar.

These links take you to video websites.  Your district may block You tube, but downloading and saving files at home to integrate into your SMART Notebook lessons is a great way to generate interest.

Remember that to import a video into the SMART Notebook software it needs to be in .flv (flash video) format.  Zamzar is a website that will convert the file for you, then email it to you.

WatchNow - Another free online video resource for educators.  The search bar dropdown menu offers watch now, youtube, teacher tube, school tube, or google video.   It's the most education friendly of the bunch.

- You can obviously find just about anything you want here.  Some of my favorites are the Bill Nye videos related to scien
ce.  My class loves it when I add them to my science lessons.  Here's a video on  importing youtube videos into your Notebook software.

Teacher Tube - accessible at school. 
It's still a good idea to download the videos, and attach them to your Notebook file.

National Geographic
- These videos are playable, but not downloadable.
Prelinger Archives is
a collection of over 60,000 "ephemeral" (advertising, educational, industrial, and amateur) films. - For Holidays and Social Studies, this is a great resource for informational videos.

Blogs about SMART Boards.

There are a few interactive white board blogs that help me learn about new features, websites, and offer suggestions/notebook files for free. 

This blog is professionally done, and constantly updated.  I've learned a lot from Teq.  Go back through the archives to see video tutorials on a number of different SMART board features.

Here's one of many SMART Board tutorials available on the TeqPD Channel of Youtube.

iLearn Technology is
an edublog about integrating technology into the classroom. This blog that goes well beyond SMART Boards, but is worthy of routine visits due to the valuable information available there.

Teaching with  is another blog with over eighty podcast episodes.  Like Teq, there are numerous video tutorials that demonstrate the concepts they're blogging about.  Well worth a visit.

Teachers Love Smartboards is regularly updated.  There are archived entries on this blog that are well worth reading if you've not visited before.

Get Smart with Smartboards is a podcast collaboration between two knowledgeable people.  There are nine podcast episodes, downloadable notebook files from the podcast, and some links to other sites.  There's plenty here to get you started using your SMART board more.

Websites with extensive links to SMART Board and interactive websites.

The Interactive Resources page has internet links broken down by curricular area (K-6). 

Forest Lake Elementary hosts another set of internet links that are worthy of exploring.  There are some additional SMART Board resources here too.
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